Wanderosa Farm

A farm dedicated to helping animals…..

The idea

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We bought this land in 2007 it was 100 acres of farming land.  No buildings, just a boundary fence but we fell in love with the place and knew it had potential.

We struggled with what we would do with the land.  It needed help it had erosion problems, salt patches and no top soil to speak of.  Over the years we have planted trees, put in weirs and left the pastures alone so grass could grow, dry, seed and lay down for the next years grasses.  The soil holds water better now, the salt patches are smaller but we still have a way to go.

Now what to do with the farm there are many options:

  • Crop
  • Animals
  • Trees
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers

All of these things have been tossed around for many years but it just didn’t sit well with our cloudy vision of the farm.

We have started to mediate at our local buddhist temple and have found this a great way to stay sane in an otherwise frantic world.  Another big change to our lifestyle has been becoming vegans.  These lifestyle choices has also clarified what we want to do with the farm.

There is no way we want to take part in conventional animal farming, but love animals so why don’t want to see them suffering or take part in that process. But we have decided to rescue animals and let them enjoy a stress free life on Wanderosa.

Why not share our little piece of tranquility and set up a meditation retreat.  These ideas just slotted into place and we looked at each other and said let’s do it.

There are many things that need to happen before this becomes a reality, writing about it is the first step and we will detail our journey, I hope you come a long for ride.

The farm has a shed with some rain water tanks on it and we are currently in the process of putting a house on the property.  This weekend we installed solar panels on the roof so that when the house arrives it will have power.  Unfortunately we couldn’t complete the installation because the regulator and inverter were too heavy to hang on the wall of the shed so we have to find a big piece of wood that can be bolted onto the shed.  Then these two beast can be attached then hooked up to the batteries.

It doesn’t sound very exciting but it is a step forward in the process of starting our new venture.

Author: Wanderosa Farm

Vegan Retreat and Animal Sanctuary in development

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