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Wanderosa gets a PIG!

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The farm had settled into a routine with the roosters and we were pretty proud of ourselves how fast we had got organised. The boys where growing and their singing was epic in the mornings even Wilbur had found his voice. They had a couple of hours each day of free range roaming under supervision so they didn’t ruin all our garden beds. We wondered what would be next for Wanderosa.

Dirk had been following a conversation on the Vegans in Perth a Facebook group about a pig that a family wanted to get rid of as they no longer had the time to take care of him. They really wanted it to go somewhere he wouldn’t be eaten but if they didn’t find that, then they would sell him to someone who might. So we discussed maybe this pig would be our next member to the farm. Dirk left a message saying we where just starting a sanctuary and we could possibly help.

He got the owners number and gave them a call and they said if we could get him by the weekend that was fine but if we couldn’t then he would go to someone who would probably eat him. What to do: We didn’t have a pen or anything that could be used as one here on the farm, so with a little googling I found a place in Maddington that sells fencing and irrigation supplies. Dirk was dispatched to get the needed goods.

I made a quick go fund me page as this month we needed a little help as the rates , the new chicken coop, and other things had put a dent in the piggy bank. Three lovely people came to our aid with kind donations which we are forever grateful for. This helped with the purchase of the material to build the pen.

Thursday and Friday Dirk set about making the pen for our new arrival. I texted the lady to say that we were still interested in taking him. This is where time sped up. She mentioned that we needed to get the pig today else he would be sold to someone else. I quickly rang Dirk and said find a trailer that we could use to move the pig. He dashed around the neighbourhood but came up with nothing. So the back of the defender it would be. He finished off the pen and made his way to the farm out past Brookton to his first rescue mission.

The pig named Grunter had found his way into their the sheep shed and was a little hungry. Dirk backed up his car to the a door of the shed drop his tailgate and the lady flung a heap of bread into the tray of the Land-rover, Grunter was so hungry he trotted into the tray without incident. Dirk zipped up the canopy and they were ready for the trip. Along the way Dirk could see out of the mirrors that Grunter was attempting to escape by testing the strength of the canvas that covered the canopy. This wasn’t going to hold, so plan B was put into action, which was a long rope wound around the canvas then back on the road to Wanderosa.

I had made my way to farm and made it just in time to get a

Full moon the night Gunter came to stay

Full moon the night Gunther came to stay

phone call from Dirk asking me to get some food together to lure him out, the night before I had filled the car with fruit and vegetables from the Spud Shed. I made my way around the Veggie section getting anything that was a monster in the veggie kingdom; a pumpkin the size of a small planet, a large bag of carrots that were free, a watermelon that had it’s own gravitational force. Almost killed myself lifting a 20 kilo bag of potatoes in and out of the trolley but I digress. I filled my pockets with potatoes and apples and made my way down to the pen.

I know you thinking it, “How the hell are they going to get the pig out of the Land Rover?” Well the Farmer (Dirk) had thought of that before he left, he had rigged up the carry all from the tractor with a log that made a make shift ramp. He backed the Ute into position and Grunter was using his nose forcibly to get out and see what the hell was going on.

Our first peak at the new family member

Our first peak at the new family member

The rope was removed, the back door of the canvas undone and we let down the tail gate. Grunter stared at us and we stared back hoping that this was going to go well. I pulled an apple out of my pocket and gave it to him, after he had munched through that I pulled another out but kept it just out of his reach. He tentatively put his front legs on the tailgate and slowly slid down the ramp I gave him his apple just as he made it into his pen. That went well! LUCKY. We gave him a big feed, put some straw in his den and watched him take in his new surroundings.

As we watched him make a den, I decided Grunter just wasn’t majestic enough for him so he became

Gunther the Grunter and with that we made our way up to the house and hoped he would be okay for the night.

The first morning at Wanderosa

The first morning at Wanderosa

The adventures of Gunther the Grunter begin……

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