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Holy Cow Time Flies when you start something new

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The last couple of months have flown by at Wanderosa Farm, a brief update would be to say I have had a medical procedure, we have had more chickens and pigs come and stay with us. Let me unravel the tale for you.

I needed to have my knee replaced as it was technically buggered so I set aside some sick and holiday leave to get it done. I won’t go into gory detail but to say it was a success the only down side was a little bit of the wound that wouldn’t heal but after some antibiotics and great dressings from my medical centre nurses, it’s all back on track.

After 4 fabulous nights in hospital Dirk picked me up we came to Wanderosa so I could recover, it is a magical place to be and makes you feel great just being here. Each night going down to see Gunther to say hello and give him a scratch was really good for me. Rex the Rooster on the other hand took one look at my new legs (crutches) and decided that I was now a four-legged threat that must be eliminated.   So I made the decision to stay out of his way.

At the end of the first week of recovery we had to go into the city to see the Surgeon for an update. Dirk had been talking with a lady via email about some chickens that required a new home. This is how we came to know Penguin and Noodle “the naked chicken”. Penguin is a beautiful looking lady and Noodle is her daughter who personality makes up for the lack of coverage.

The Roosters where very excited when they worked out that we has some girls on the property and Rex sung like his life depended on it. They spent the night in separate houses however the next day we place them together, lets just say that boys loved this idea but the girls not so much. Although Penguin seemed to be able to hold her own, Noodle didn’t like the all the attention and spent the day running from the evil boys.

We decided to move Noodle into her own house so she could take some time to work on feather growth and also be protected from Penguin who I think was pecking at her and the boys (horny little toads). So with some Healing Balm and some quiet time Noodle has made progress in the feather department but has a long way to go. She is however a dag of a chicken she eats like a horse.

Each night we sit with her while she free ranges around the house, the dogs can’t quite make out what to do with her as to them she looks like a walking snack. So far I have only had to tell Flash to back off a couple of times but with lots of lip licking he is not going to be left alone with the Noodle at all. The dogs are also fascinated with the chickens when they dust bath, Flash has to interrupt this process to have a sniff on the spot, who knows what is going through that little mind of the “White fox that hunts by day as long as it’s not raining” as he is known.

The third week of my recovery something really lovely, scary and exciting happen. Some bush piglets had been given to a lady to see if she could find someone who would look after them. Their mother had been killed we think by hunters and they had left the piglets defenceless. A few of the other Sanctuaries where called but they had there hands full with their current 3 so we were asked if we would like to take them. Of course I said yes then I asked Google how we would look after them. Thank goodness for organisation and people posting some much information don’t know how we would do this otherwise.

Some friends stayed with us on that weekend and they are happy to help out here at Wanderosa. (Thanks Carmen and Andrew) Which meant Dirk had someone more useful than me to help create an enclosure in the shed for the babies using an upside down trampoline frame and some sheep mesh and a gate. I think it looks great and is really functional and I’m sure we will us it time and time again. Also means that the Council collection that Dirk likes to shop at might actually be more useful than I think. Well it seems sometimes the stuff he picks up really does come in handy. But please don’t tell him that!

With great anticipation we waited for piglets to arrive, the formula was purchased making sure it was they same one they had been feed before which I learnt is very important. Thank you Google!

They arrived in a travel animal crate thanks to Caroline from Greener Pastures Sanctuary for dropping them off. At first we placed them in the fancy trampoline corral it seemed like a good idea, however they needed 2 hourly feeds and it was still cold at night at Wanderosa so the decision was made to move them into our bathroom in the house. You know the one we have only had 7 months the new one….. Anyway I got over this small fact quite quickly as they where so cute and vulnerable and who wants to do a dash a cross to the shed when it’s 4 degrees.

I don’t have any children so have never experienced the 2 hourly feeds, however when they woke, I woke and feed them through the night while Dirk slept.


Fashion is my middle name!

I’m also not known for my fantastic fashion sense or care for that matter however I didn’t like the look or smell of what the piglets did to the front of my shirts, so I invented (hey I’ll take the credit) a the feeding poncho with and towel accessory. Okay it was a branded rain poncho but with the right marketing I’m sure it will sell!

The runt wasn’t doing so well on the second day we separated it from the pack and I spent about 3 hours with it in my arms with a heat pack and water bottle attempting to get his temperature up and get a good feed into him.


Extra love required!

We called a local vet to come and check on them and we just hoped we could keep him alive unfortunately they couldn’t make it that day so we just had to do our best. He rallied in the afternoon we gave him a feed and put him back with his family we also made sure we had lots of hot water bottles in their bed to keep them all warm. However he really is a bad feeder and took us ages to get him to feed well and he is still half the size of the other piglets

Although the vet couldn’t make it that day due to many animals and not enough time Dirk was able to make a quick dash to a rendezvous spot and get some antibiotics from them. I had spoken to them during the day and explained what the situation was (runny poo) and what was happening and thankfully we were able to get some medicine and supplies. This meant the antibiotics would  have to injected into all of them now this posed a problem neither of us had done anything like this before.   Dirk held one of the piglets and I was my job to inject, well I learnt something about myself. I just couldn’t do it even thought I knew it would help the piglets I just couldn’t put the needle into their skin. So I made Dirk do it, I’m sure he felt the same way but luckily he was able to get the job done.

Before I went back to work I had to have one last appointment with the Surgeon, but I couldn’t drive myself. So we packed up the dogs, and piglets into the Landy and headed into the city. While I was at my appointment Dirk went to a park to feed the piglets he was an instant celebrity with people wanting to see the piglets and ask why and how we came to have them. We stayed the night in the city house, which is a tiny little town house that really shouldn’t have piglets in it. Shhhhhh don’t tell.

We put them in the shower in the bathroom and hoped that they would be quiet. Man they can make a lot of noise when they want a feed. Just a couple of minutes late and all hell breaks loose. To save our skins we made an early get away in the morning before our neighbours could see us as we have one that doesn’t like us and would make our life a nightmare.   Why is there always one, but I digress.

Oh names, you might be curious, we have Boss Hog (The biggest), Spats (white little socks), Ninja (completely black and a climber) and Babe (the runt)  these do seem to have stuck and I they should start to know them soon.  I hope they don’t mind they names they have been given.

At the end of my holiday the piglets were on 4 hourly feeds. The piglets had moved back into the shed and the bathrooms were sanitised. Dirk wasn’t sure he would wake up for the night feeds so I put alarms in his phone for every 4 hours. I’m not sure how he felt about this but I didn’t want the babies to go without a feed. I went back to work and Dirk was now back to looking after the farm all by himself, without me to annoy him. Poor man, had to look after all the animals and himself, he needs a part-time wife, second thoughts that’s a bad idea. When I got back on Friday night he was pretty knackered but the piglets look really well and had grown.

We will continue to watch them grow and soon we will introduce them to Gunther and hopefully he will take them under his wing so to speak. Oh I almost forgot we were asked to take 4 laying hens that had passed there used by date and not laying 4 a day, I picked these lovely ladies from Gosnell’s and they have settled into the Chicken Mansion.

We did need a chicken shuffle to fit them in but once that was complete they now have a great spot in the citrus orchard (or 4 trees). These ladies are so lovely they want to hang out with me and help weed and will sit down when you go to pick them up. One nearly got a hammer to the head when I was fixing their fence as she was curious as to what I was doing luckily I didn’t get her but she gave me a fright.

Winter has been good to use this year and there is a lot of feed (grass) on our property at the moment but we don’t have any grass-eating animals. Some of the grass is really close to the house and Dirk doesn’t want to use the slasher to cut it or flying rocks may break the windows. So we found a place that sells Scythes in Australia I bought one and waited for it to be delivered to work. Dirk was pretty happy with the new purchase and was quickly out in the paddock giving it a whirl. Him wandering around the paddock with it slung over his shoulder is weird picture I think I need to make him a black cloak that will really freak the neighbours out as they drive past the property. Think grim reaper if you don’t have a picture in your head yet!

So that brings you up to date with what is going on at Wanderosa I hope you enjoyed the post.

Things you can do for us: Take a look at our wish list page and if you have any of the items and you don’t need them any more please contact us and we will come pick them up. Like our page on Facebook we post more pictures and videos there. Give this post a like if you found it interesting. We are working out how to become a charitable organisation to help with the funding to allow us to help more animals. If you have the time and expertise to help us out then please contact us leave a comment below we would be happy to chat about our vision of Wanderosa Animal Sanctuary.


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