Wanderosa Farm

A farm dedicated to helping animals…..


The Dream, The Reality


Having the privilege to look after the animals that have come to our farm is something that blows me away on a daily basis to know if it wasn’t for the sanctuary these animals would be dead and potentially on a plate. (Trina Ireland 2016)18817794_10211743663203010_1577105300_o






I realise that everyone on is on their own journey in life but I do wish that the world would be more compassionate to animals and see them as individuals that have a right to a free life just as we should have. The realization that there is no difference between a dog or a cow being killed to be eaten and that the injustice is the same. I wonder how long it will be for this light bulb to go off in more people. I know our journey to this point in time has taken a while to get here but gosh I wish we worked this out so much sooner than we did. (Trina Ireland 2016)

Trina Ireland (1969 – 2017)

Trina Ireland and Dirk Christ established Wanderosa Farm Animal Sanctuary to realise their dream to save the abandoned and discarded animals that needed a safe home.



Wanderosa Farm Animal Sanctuary is a registered not for profit charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC ).

Our  purpose is to prevent and relieve the suffering of animals and to advance the natural environment by: 

  • providing a rescue, rehabilitation and release or rehoming service for orphaned, injured, neglected, unwanted or displaced native, domestic and ‘farm’ animals
  • providing a rehoming service and/or facilitating foster care for domestic and ‘farm’ animals, so that they can live the rest of their lives as part of a family, without fear of unnecessary euthanasia, predation, neglect or exploitation
  • educating the public about the importance of treating animals with kindness and respect for their needs and promoting lifestyle and dietary choices so as to reduce the suffering and exploitation of animals, regardless of species.


The Wanderosa Farm Animal Sanctuary will pursue the following charitable purposes:

  • To provide a safe, long term and short term home, food and shelter for abandoned, abused, unwell and rescued animals
  • To give animals the chance to live their lives without fear of slaughter or exploitation
  • To educate people in animal welfare
  • Most animal sanctuaries in Perth and surrounding areas are full and we would help by providing space and facilities.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. looks amazing Trina and Dirk, blog is treat to read too. I now understand all the hard work


  2. Where are you


  3. Hello
    I’m Jenni
    I’m looking for a safe home for Peppa pig 🐷
    Dirk contacted me to say you could take her in.
    That would be amazing if we can arrange pickup/drop off!


    • Hi

      We need to get Gunther desexed before a girl can come and stay can we get her in a couple of weeks time or is it urgent see be rehomed sooner? Trina


    • Hi Jenni,

      We need a couple of weeks as Gunther needs to be desexed before we can bring a girl onto the property. How urgent is you need to have Peppa Pig rehomed? Let me know if we have some time or not.

      Thanks in advance



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