Wanderosa Farm

A farm dedicated to helping animals…..



Big J and LIttle J are brothers, bred as pacers but didn’t make the grade, both are very shy, but can now be hand fed. Both are progressing in their training to be fully handled.








Gunther and Dirk

Gunter was a pet purchased as a ‘teacup’ pig but outgrew his family, he then went on to spend time living in a trailer and a shearing shed until he was put on gumtree. A facebook campaign by the Perth vegan community managed to get him released by the owners to Wanderosa. Gunter loves kids, but is wary of adults, scared of horses and can be aggressive  towards dogs and strangers. Currently recovering from an ankle injury.



R Rex

Rex is a beautiful boy that was abandoned in the bush with one of his brothers once he found his voice. Sometimes aggressive toward women and children, but ok if you respect his territory. A secure free range enclose works best for both sides.









Henny Penny is one of many hens that are surrendered to us when their egg laying days are over, currently living with Rex.






If you can help by offering one our our animals a forever home please contact us