Wanderosa Farm

A farm dedicated to helping animals…..

Wish List

Now that we have started rescuing animals we are on the lookout for the following items below, if you can help us out that would be wonderful.

  • Hay
  • Strawimg_0714
  • Fencing
  • Star Pickets
  • Pallets
  • Building Materials for pens and enclosures
  • Cubbies (We think that will make a great Gunther house)
  • Horse Float for rescues and going to the vet  (We realise this is a big ask)
  • Steel mesh
  • Feeding containers
  • IBC or water tanks
  • Water Troughs
  •  Chicken Feed
  • Potatoes, apples, carrots, any vegies that the animals can nibble on.

If you have any of these things and you are happy to donate them to Wanderosa email Dirk on 0402044970 or email him on dirkd18@gmail.com.